Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Grape Festival 2014

Tuesday night, we met the Frames at the Grape Festival.  Bryn & Hollyn were so excited to see Walker!  They were all holding hands, and couldn't wait to get in! 

We had planned on eating at the Venesian Inn, but we got a call to show our house on Wednesday.   We spent a couple hours cleaning our house, and got there later that we had expected.  We had a hamburger when we got there instead, then had some delicious grape ice cream!

 Next, we got tickets and let the kids ride some rides!

 The rides are exactly the same as I remember when I was growing up!

We let the girls choose a duck -  just like we did when we were kids!  The girls won a huge pink dolphin (just like last year)!

 Then of course, Walker wanted a blue dolphin just like Hollyns :)
 Classic family picture - we fit right in at the GF!
Then bought some awesome Tontitown grapes from the Ranalli's. 

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