Monday, August 11, 2014

Good Night Giraffe

The girls & I went upstairs to do some laundry this morning. I ran back down for a second to grab a basket from the downstairs laundry room.  When I got to the top of the stairs, this is what I saw!!!   
Hollyn was asking "Mommy, how are we going to get our giraffe down the stairs?"

I told them that the giraffe had to go back in H's bedroom while I finished hanging up their laundry.  So here they are pulling it back down the hall....

Hollyn put the giraffe in her bed, under the covers.  I have never heard Bryn laugh so hard when she walked in and saw it!!  They decided that the giraffe needed a nap, so they read her a book!  I told them "Good Night Gorilla" would be the most fitting! 

Then they took a pretend nap with the giraffe! 

After the laundry was finished, I carried down the giraffe for them! 

Bryn kept pushing the it over.  
The only way this little girl will hug the neck of a giraffe! :)

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