Friday, August 22, 2014

Cookies & Dirt

{cuddles & cartoons before school}
 After dropping Bryn off at MDO today, Hollyn & I went to Starbucks for a smooth/coffee date!  I also had the best chocolate croissant, that reminded me of Italy!  Will have to take Chris back soon to have one! 
As soon as we got home, Hollyn asked to make cookies!  She had asked me yesterday too, but I told her no, because I was working on something for a friend.  I had to say yes today!  The only pre-packaged cookie mix we had was peanut butter, not her favorite- or mine, but she was excited to bake with Mommy! 
 She was awesome at making the criss crosses on the cookies with the fork! 

 The first batch may or may not have gotten burnt, and scraped into the dumpster... but the 2nd ones were perfect!  Daddy is going to be happy!

We got to school a few minutes early, so she asked to sit up front with me!  Loving this one on one time I'm getting to spend with her before PreK starts! 
Fast forward to this afternoon....  She had trail mix for a snack after school and had her almonds lined up on her table, OCD-style :) 

So, we weren't very excited about the house across the street breaking ground on Tuesday...  but not so upset now that we found out that they are hauling all the extra dirt to our lot!!  
They have been hauling two continuous dump trucks out of there.  Yesterday, half of the loads were going to the back yard of a house on Dover.  Today, I've noticed all of them have gone to our lot ALL DAY.    Our golf cart was broken, so it had been at CEI while our mechanic worked on it.   He delivered it back to the house this afternoon, so I took it for a drive to check on the lot and it drove perfectly.  And so much faster than I had remembered!!  
It looked like there were over 20 loads of dirt dropped off!  

We met with our builder and draftsman last week to hopefully finalize our plans, and told them we wanted to go ahead & proceed with our build, even though we haven't sold our house yet.  Kind of risky, but it should take at least 12 months to build our house.  Hopefully it will sell before then, and we won't have to rent for as long! 

Update 8/28: They have continued to haul loads of dirt to our lot!  Everytime I drive past, there's more and more!  So thankful for FREE DIRT!!!

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