Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Bryn's first day of ballet

Bryn had her very first ballet class on Monday!   She was very excited to finally big enough to be a dancer like her big sister! 

Daddy came home right before we left to meet the landscapers, so B got a picture with him!  Hollyn stayed with C, then went to work with him! 

She was so excited all the way there, but clung to me when we got up to the top of the stairs, where we wait before going in the dance room.  She got very upset, and Ms. Julie had to pull her out of my arms.  She said she was fine after a couple minutes, and warmed up at the end and did a great job dancing with the other girls!
 After dance, she said she wanted a sammich!   So we parked at the office, and walked over to Jimmy Johns!  She ate almost an entire Slim 4 (turkey sandwich) by herself!

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