Thursday, August 21, 2014


LOOOOVE this girl :)
Bryn is exactly the same age that Hollyn was when Bryn was born!  2 years, 2 months, 25ish days.  We are enjoying this age without having a newborn as a priority.  
It seems like she learns new thing daily!  
  • Talking so much.  One of the funniest things she says is when she calls something she doesn't like yucky.  "No I don't want to eat that.  It's yucky!"  Okay, she doesn't say that very often because she eats EVERYTHING.  but things like "No, those Dora PJ's are yucky!  I don't want to wear them!"  
  • She likes to refer to herself as "baby!"  She likes to talk in third person.... and say "Excuse baby"  or "Baby no do that!"
  • Very opinionated and stubborn, just like big sis!   Particular about her shoes right now!  Lately, she's been wanting to wear her ballet shoes!
  • Starts ballet at Cross Church next week
  • In MDO two days a week this fall
  • Loves to color/draw with markers.  She grips very hard and is very precise! 
  • Very accident prone.  Is always falling down or getting hurt. 
  • Usually wants her hair done just like Hollyn's.  "I want two braids!" or not at all.  "no bow today"
  • Favorite movie right now is The Little Mermaid
  • Just learned how to ride her tricycle

Last October, with a similar smile & wearing the same headband...

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