Monday, August 18, 2014

Branson Trip

We decided to take the kids to Branson for the weekend, before school and football started!  We drove up Saturday morning, and did some shopping at a couple stores in the outlet mall, then went to the Branson Landing Promenade for lunch!  Holls wanted her picture with this big gorilla - Bryn screamed and clung to us when she saw it!
We ate at an Irish Pub - Waxy O' Sheas.  Probably not the most kid friendly place, but it worked!

We then walked down the river, and watched the Zip Liners for a while before going to the Bass Pro Shop!

The girls always like looking at the fish (like in Cabela's).
Bryn then climbed up on a small 4-wheeler and tried to talk her Daddy into bringing it home, then they wanted to get on the pontoon boat!  They loved it, and I had to carry Bryn off it, kicking and screaming "I want a boat!!!!"
It was around 3 by then, so we checked into our hotel.  We relaxed for a while & tried to get the girls to take a nap, but it wasn't happening.  We finally decided to walk back to the parking garage to grab our luggage.  A little iPad watching, and Bryn was out for a short nap until 6:00ish.
Hollyn singing B a lullaby.
We went down to Cantina Laredo for dinner!  We sat on patio and had an awesome view of the fountain.  We ordered their amazing guacamole!  Bryn took ownership of it, and wasn't a very good sharer. :(

Sharing her corn dog with sissy!
Most delicious Mexican Brownie for dessert...

At the end of dinner, Bryn looked down and realized that I had switched her ballet shoes (that she had been wearing for like 3 days straight, for her jellies) while she was napping, and she threw the biggest fit.  Chris had to go back up to the room to get her ballet shoes to make her happy!  Hollyn & I walked down in front of the fountain for some pictures:

Love all her poses! :)

A nice couple offered to take our picture!

Bryn was super afraid of the fire coming out of the fountain show! 
We then did some shopping.  The girls got new tennis shoes, and Hollyn got her very first outfit from Justice.
Sunday morning, C went across the street and got us coffee and the girls donuts!  (and cake pops.. grrr :)
Waiting for Daddy to pull the car around...
Bryn's first time to SDC!  We got there before they opened, and were able to walk in right at 10.   My sister, brother in law and niece & nephew met us there!  (Actually invited us!)
We went to Outlaw Run first.  Tresa offered to watch the girls, so I could ride with everyone.  Here's a selfie before getting on.  I wasn't smiling afterwards.  It was super fast, twisty, and it kind of made me sick.  I didn't like not having restraints over my shoulders!  
Milking  a cow! 

Waiting in line with Mommy to ride the Frogs! 

Swings with Daddy!

Uncle Jon bought them Dippin' Dots after lunch! 
Family boat shooter ride.  B was kind of scared. 

Family carousel ride...

Then it was around 1:00, and B was getting tired and ready for her nap, so we decided to call it a day!  

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