Friday, August 15, 2014


Thought I would take the girls out for a photo shoot on the porch this morning, since it was the last normal day of summer!  Mother's Day Out starts back next week.  Dance starts the week after that.  {Bryn is starting ballet too!!} Then the week after Labor Day, preschool for Hollyn starts!  We have had a crazy past two weeks -  Junior League Retreat - birthday parties -  the Color of Hope setup and gala - golf tournament - house showings - a friend's bachelorette party - facials - meetings with our builder - our nanny "quitting" - etc.  so it was so nice to finally have a day home with my girls with no plans! 

Hollyn & I got up around 7 and had a relaxing morning....  Bryn slept in until 8:30am.  I had been watching her on the monitor, and ran up to her room the first time I saw movement!  She was in a wonderful mood at first. She even took out her passy and left it in her bed (which has been a major fight the last couple weeks).  She was very cooperative in getting dressed and getting her diaper changed in her room before coming downstairs, but insisted on wearing her "strawberry" shirt and ballet shoes (that she's been wanting to wear 24/7 the past few days).   
Wearing them to the pool on Wednesday....
She immediately wanted to eat (of course)...  some mandarin oranges and "gapes" and yogurt AND share Hollyn's waffles. 

Then wanted celery like Mommy had.  I figured she'd take a bite and spit it out, but she loved it!  and kept eating and asking for more! 

We went out front a little while later for pictures.  Bryn instead on having her backpack on, and Hollyn wanted her blue bunny.   This, of course frustrated me, but I take what I can get these days, as long as they will smile! 

Hollyn - 4 years, 5 months, 14 days old
Bryn - 2 years, 2 months, 21 days old 

Instead of the nice pictures in front of the landscaping and brick like Hollyn, Bryn likes to be a little more dangerous and climb up on the railing for pictures! 

Funny girls smiling through the window! 

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