Monday, July 14, 2014

July Weekend

Loved having a weekend with NO plans! Here are a few of the highlights! 

Friday night:
After eating dinner at Red Robin, Hollyn wanted to take selfies on her phone with Chris! 

Chris & I rented Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit on Apple TV after putting the girls to bed!
Saturday morning: We went to breakfast at Pressroom.   Bryn insisted on sitting in my lap and sharing my iced coffee with me.
 Hollyn is quite the artist!
 Then we went out to our cabin!  Chris & I drove around on our buggy on some trails and saw a huge momma deer and a tiny baby!
 The girls & Remington were going to swim.... but the well water was too cold!
 The boys went down on the pond bank to do some shooting.   Bryn wanted to join them!!

 Hollyn wanted to lay down and (pretend to) shoot with her Daddy!

 Picking flowers...

After we got home, we went out to swim!  We ended up ordering pizza & salad and hanging out at home for the rest of the night!

 Watching Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs...

 Sunday afternoon: Took Hollyn to Claire's to spend a gift card she got for her birthday.  We then went to visit Chris's grandma.  Laura Jade, Joe & Cambry were also there!   We went out back to see her new gazebo and took some pictures of her 3 great grandbabies!

And of course she made us ice cream cones! 

We then stopped by Nick & Ashley's to see the progress they've made on building their house, on the way to my parents!

We picked lots of veggies from the garden, and my dad made homemade ice cream for dessert! 

Couldn't believe Bryn ate two ears of corn for dinner! 

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