Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Florida Trip 2014

We went to visit Chris's family in Florida last week!  We left on Monday,  took the Allegiant flight to Sanford, and rented a car!   We ended up shipping all of our clothes, since Chris has such good shipping rates!  We each took a backpack (I took my purse), and took the girls' carseats onto the plane, so it was super easy and no extra fees!  

We got to their house around 8:30PM

Tuesday:  We had no plans.  We swam in the morning.... then Chris & I went to lunch and shopping by ourselves.   I did a lot of reading all week - finished all of Divergent and Insurgent, and started Allegiant! 

Lunch at Bahama Breeze

Tuesday night family swim!
Wednesday: We went to the Children's Museum in Tampa, lunch and shopping in Hyde park.   Ate dinner that night at Abuelos in Lakeland.

Hyde park

Bryn started feeling comfortable at Baba's house... and even colored on the walls!!

 Thursday: Went to the Magic Kingdom

 Lunch at Be Our Guest

Bryn finally fell asleep on the train

 Friday: July 4th. We went to the beach in St. Pete - North Beach in Fort DeSoto Park.  Then lunch at Gators on the Pass.

 Bryn fell asleep in the car after we left the beach, slept all during lunch, and stayed asleep most of the way home!!  (I even fell asleep on our way home!)

 Friday night, we got cleaned up, and went to watch Fireworks in Plant City.

Saturday: We shopping in Tampa.  Chris, Meghan & I went and saw Fault in our Stars Saturday night in Lakeland.   John got in from Australia around 1am.

Bryn got new Converses!
Lots of dressing up in Meghan's room!

 Sunday: went to Church, took a family picture, made brunch at home...

Dinner at Acropolis! 

Flew home Monday afternoon:

Both girls napped most of the flight home! They got kind of restless at the end, but did really well! A really nice lady held Bryn's hand and walked her off the plane while I carried the carseat! 

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A Brew of Blessings said...

Awww love this Morgan! I may be living vicariously through this post and these places! Looks like you guys had a blast! Hope you're all doing well :)