Monday, June 16, 2014

Father's Day Weekend 2014

Friday night:
Chris & I played couples golf at Pinnacle for the first time!

 There were different rules for the 9 holes.   Hole #1 guys get to hike the ball.   We each got a free "kick" during our round.  One was, if you hit it in the sand, you get to move to the 200 yard marker.   One free "throw" during a round, etc.  Made it much more entertaining!

C's shot on the green - hole #5!  Almost in the hole!  

We played awesome, I think 11 under par!  I'm sure we would have definitely won, but they randomly drew a scorecard for the prize.  It wasn't us. 
After golf, we picked the girls up in childcare downstairs!  They seemed to like it & even did a father's day toolbox craft for Chris!
They made a new friend, Gemma!  We sat on the patio and ate, then the girls danced to the live music!

Saturday morning:
Went to the golf store, so C could get a new wedge for father's day!  (He got two new ones a few days ago online, too!  - and got them all regripped!)  The girls love to go in here and practice their putting!
Then lunch at Green Bean!
Then Hollyn & I went to Brittney's baby shower!  Bryn took a nap, and C watched the US Open on the porch :)

 Sally & Henry had a lemonade stand at the end of our street when we got home, so I took the girls down to buy some!
 Then we had a family swim! :)

 Then we went to the range so C could try out his new clubs!

They love playing in the sand! 
Then Hollyn insisted that we eat the club -again!  There was a wedding, so we had to sit in the crowded mixed grill!

Sunday - Father's Day
 Hollyn and I had a photo shoot last week where she dressed up like her Daddy!  We framed this and gave it to him for Father's Day!

Hollyn told me she wanted to get him "superman and a card!"  So I found a card with a super dad on it and a DAD Tervis Tumbler from her :)   We also filled this out for him - and she drew the picture! 

 Sweet daddy reading their new books to them :)
 I made a yummy breakfast - C requested eggs, biscuits with strawberry jam & avocado!
  My yummy sandwich on wheat toast with cream cheese!
 Reading their books to their babies - just like daddy does!
  Cookie cake I got to take to my parent's house - for my dad, chris, jon & travis!

Hollyn also dressed up like Papa Nick!  We face timed with him Sunday night! 

We had a quick outside photo shoot with the girls and their daddy! 

 When we got to my parents, we took a few pictures with my dad, before letting them change out of their pretty dresses.

I put under armor clothes on them with rain boots, but they didn't stay on too long.  They couldn't resist this mud puddle in the driveway!  

And then I got to spray Bryn off with the water hose, which was pretty fun! :) 

We had planned on taking Chris's dad to dinner at Marketplace, but these two fell asleep just out of my parents' driveway, so we stopped by to give him his gift, and rescheduled for this week!
 Such lucky kids to have Chris as their daddy!

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