Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Dallas Trip

Chris & I went to Dallas for an anniversary weekend getaway!  So unlike us to drive somewhere, but C got a new truck and was anxious to drive it!  We also knew we'd be going to Florida to visit C's family/Disney/Beach in a few weeks, and we are planning on going on a couples beach trip in the fall. 
 We ate at the Venesian Inn for dinner, then dropped the kids off at my parents's house on Thursday night.    A few pictures by the garden before we left... 
 Hollyn in front of the corn, and Bryn eating strawberries! 
 This picture of the girls reminded me of one of my sister & I in front of the corn!
Chris & I left around 6am on Friday.  We first went to Highland park and had lunch at Mi Cosina, then did some shopping!

 We stayed at the Joule Hotel downtown!  The lobby was amazing!  And we loved our suite!

 We decided to spend some time at the rooftop pool before dinner...

 We at ate CBD Provisions - the restaurant downstairs.

 Then walked around downtown!  Chris loved that there were 3 porsches parked out front!
 This big eyeball was across the street from our hotel.  #eyeonjoule

Pretty sure we fell asleep at like 8:00 :)
Saturday morning, we had breakfast at Bread Winners Cafe.  Sat at a cute table on the street.... felt kind of like Paris!

 Definitely coffee junkies on this trip... 5 in the console.
 Then we went to Top Golf.  My first time, and I loved it!

Then went shopping at the Galleria Mall, before deciding to go back to Mi Cosina for lunch again :)  More shopping in Highland park...
Then we drove around the Highland Park area looking at houses, and found my most favorite house!  I've been drooling over it online for a while now!  One of D Magazine's 2013 most beautiful homes in Dallas.  (bottom right)

then back to our hotel for more pool time!  Loved our little cabana! 
 and then more coffee :)
 before showering and watching the Belmont.
 Then... we randomly decided to just drive home, instead of waiting until the morning!  We would get to sleep in our own bed, make it back in time for Isabella's birthday party, and see the girls sooner!  We still had to pay for our room, but felt good about our decision!

Made it home at 12:10am :) 

Izzy's party :) 

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