Thursday, June 5, 2014

8 years!

Monday night, C brought home the most amazing flowers for our 8th Anniversary! ;)
Tuesday, ON our anniversary, Chris took off work all day.  We got up early, exchanged cards and gifts, got ready, then went to Pressroom for breakfast.  
This House Mocha was SO good! 

We let the girls make wishes & throw coins in the fountain on the Bentonville square afterwards! 

We then stopped by Portfolio for a few minutes, then went to Blakeman's.

Lunch at Green Bean! 
 We love going to The Green Bean and sitting outside, especially since it's right beside Chapel on the Creeks where we got married! :)

Then home for naps!  Well, Bryn napped and Hollyn watched tv & played in the living room while C & I caught up on some DVR'd shows in bed... C might have fallen asleep ;)

My parents came over around to watch the girls, so we could go to Ruth's for dinner!  We had a drink, then sat down for a nice, romantic, delicious dinner!  They even put rose petals on our table! 

Such a fun day celebrating US! ;)

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