Sunday, May 18, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

This Mother's Day, I woke up to find these amazing gifts from Chris, Hollyn & Bryn in the living room!   Hollyn didn't even give me a chance to wake up before wanting me to open them! 
Chris got me an amazing David Yurman 4 row crossover cuff with diamonds!  Chris let the girls pick things for me off my Pinterest - Bryn got me a flat iron holder, and Hollyn got me a pair of Cole Haan sandals! 

Chris went and got bagels from Einstein, while the girls & I showered.  After eating, I felt like going for a run, so we put the girls in the jogging stroller and went for a short jog around the neighborhood. After showering again, and getting ready, we went and visited my grandma!  My parents were also there! 

Here are the girls with my dad, showing him the flowers they had just picked out of her landscaping!  Oops! 
We had reservations at Bonefish for 12:15.  Both girls took a short nap on our drive there.   Service was pretty horrible.  We didn't get our food for over 45 minutes after we ordered, and the manager ended up taking care of our bill.  
We took a few pictures outside before changing our clothes to go to Granny & Pawpaws! 
The weather was perfect - so I asked for 30 minutes to sit in the sun and read my book by the pool before leaving! 
Picking strawberries! 
 Bryn's curls were amazing all day!

Both girls also fell asleep on the way home.  Hollyn stayed asleep on the couch until bedtime, but Bryn woke up and wanted Mommy!  I took her outside to cuddle by the pool! 

We played on the swing set for a while, and I let her stay up past her bedtime! 

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Wow! Sounds like you got a lot of stuff for Mother's Day. I envy you :(. And you got a new flat iron holder too! I bet that flat iron holder would perfectly fit with my Karmin G3 flat iron :D