Friday, May 23, 2014

H's Last Day of Preschool

Hollyn had her very last day of 3 year old Tiny Tots yesterday!  She has had an awesome year in Ms. Misty's class!!  She graduates next week, then we have a parent teacher conference the following week!  Can't believe how much my big girl has grown since September! 

And pictures with Hollyn's boyfriend, Hudson, on her their first and last day of Tiny Tots. 

I went in a little early to pick her up, and saw them in line, coming in from the playground, on their LAST DAY! 

 Chris met me there to pick them up, since I had a Color of Hope Gala meeting after.  (and of course she didn't want to smile for a picture)

Kyle brought some tables over from the office for Bryn's party in his truck later that night, so the kids got to play for a minute.

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