Saturday, May 31, 2014

Friday Family Fun!

Chris came home early Friday afternoon.   We went to Masons so I could get a new pair of shorts first.  Then we went to the nwa mall, since Hollyn was requesting mac and cheese from Marketplace.   She saw the new photo booth, and begged for us to take a family picture!  We tried to talk her out of it since it was 5 dollars, but she insisted and we gave in. 

And then of course she wanted Dippin' Dots.  She's a girl that loves routine!  

We played in the driveway after we got home.  Our neighbor across the street, Dustin came over and brought a kids' tennis net for the girls to practice with!  So nice of the Colebanks to let us borrow it!  It might be a while before they're big enough, but Chris & I hit a few balls back and forth!   The girls had a blast driving their cars and bikes around!

Bryn has loved going on golf cart rides lately!   We all loaded up and drove to the other side of the neighborhood to show the girls the beautiful flowers they've planted for the LPGA.  Hollyn likes to point out the houses she likes, and wouldn't mind moving into next!!  She says the Hudson's yellow house is her favorite! 

We stopped and took a few pictures! 

We were about to go home when Hollyn was like "NOOO I want to eat the club!"  It was already like 7:45, (15 minutes until their bedtime) but we decided to just go for it.  We had drinks and nachos, and the girls had the best behavior.  And we ran into a bunch of people we knew!  So glad we went!  Such a fun night!   

We were invited to sit in a suite for the Florida Georgia Line concert at Arvest Ballpark.  We were so glad we declined, and had a family night instead! 

and the rest of our weekend...

 Some time by the pool Saturday afternoon.
Hayley's dance recital with Rhythm and Shoes Saturday night.

Sunday, we took my nephew Hunter shopping for his birthday  - then a pic on the way to my parents! 
 Picking strawberries with Hollyn:)

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