Sunday, May 25, 2014

Bryn is TWO!

Date:  May 25, 2014

Age: 2 years old

Weight: 26 pounds, 6 ounces (63rd percentile)

Length: 33 inches (19th percentile)

Clothes: She wears 18m-2T  Size 5-7 shoe.  Size 4 diaper

Schedule: Awake around 7am.  Nap at 12-2.  To bed at 8pm

Menu:  Bryn LOVES to eat.  Usually has strawberries and pancakes for breakfast, sometimes also scrambled eggs (on days Hollyn is in school).  Will eat pretty much anything, but loves avocado and will even eat salad!  Loves to eat at The Green Bean!  

Temperament/Personality: High energy, spunky, always laughing, but also very stubborn.  Can be a bully.  Often fights with Hollyn - bites, scratches, hits. 

Likes: Minnie Mouse, playing with Hollyn, spinning in Chris's office chair, playing outside on the swing set, dressing up in princess dresses, purses, SHOES, playing on her iPad, dancing with Hollyn.

Dislikes: When she can't have a sucker when she wants, when she wants her "pass,"  and sharing toys

Happenings: Sings to all the songs on the radio while in the car.   Doesn't ride well in shopping carts, usually wants out.  Won't always hold our hands while walking.  Thinks it's funny to run and hide while we are out. 

Outings: Goes to MDO currently on just Wednesdays.  Spends Tuesday/Thursdays with Mommy while Hollyn is at Tiny Tots. 

Dr. Report:  Haven't been to the doctor in months!!  Yay for being healthy!  Will go to her 2 year check-up in a couple weeks!  

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