Sunday, March 30, 2014

Spring Break 2014 Trip

Trip Recap:

We got to Kansas City around noon on Wednesday.  We called our hotel, and none of the rooms were ready yet.  Decided to go to the plaza for lunch.  My new car scraped it's roof rack going into the parking deck.  :( We decided to eat at the Brio Tuscan Grille, then went shopping at Lululemon.  
Big sister being a good helper! 
We checked in around 2:00.  We had a double queen room with a lot of space!  (separate room for our two babysitters, and one for the Frames) Luckily we all got on the same floor!   We put the kids down for a nap, and let the babysitters hang out in the rooms while we went downstairs to have a drink and relax without kids for a little while!
Lobby/Reserve Restaurant/Bar
 The guys went and picked up Panera for the kids and babysitters for dinner...
And Bryn wanted to eat in the Ottoman! 
Our hotel had a free car service that would take and pick us up, up to 5 miles away!  We had them take us to Bristol Seafood for appetizers!  Chris & I went there a few years ago before the Britney Spears concert, and loved the food/atmosphere & wanted to go back!  Here are our "Naked Cowboy" oysters.  Fun adult dinner! :)

Thursday morning, we had a nice breakfast downstairs at the hotel restaurant, then took the kids to the aquarium!  Legoland was next door, but we were told it was better for bigger kids.
The SeaLife aquarium was awesome - seemed really new and extremely clean!  Everyone loved it! 

We let the kids look around in the toy store, then ate lunch at the Crayola cafe.   Hollyn got a sword, eye patch, and telescope and Bryn found a pink and purple Minnie Mouse!

We took the kids back for naps with the sitters, and then we went shopping (at Anthropologie)!  Hollyn was so excited to play swords with Sara!

Later that afternoon:

We ordered pizza for dinner for them, then went to "Drunken Fish" for sushi!   

Friday morning, the guys picked up Panera for breakfast, and then we had some time in our rooms before going to Disney on Ice!
Hollyn enjoying her $15 snocone!!

We had lunch at Jimmy Johns, then put the girls (Bryn) down for her nap, and had Sara watch the girls while Chris & I went shopping.   Joe & Monica met us a little while later, and we went and watched Noah at the theater - so good! 
 Friday night - We took everyone to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory.
 We ran into our friends from Rogers there!  Bryn and fun playing with Mason!
Allison, Walker, Hollyn & Sara
 We checked out around 8:00 Saturday morning, then had breakfast at Eggct.  before driving home.
Best Cafe Mocha I've ever had
Tired Bryn with her feet in her cup holders! ha :)