Monday, April 14, 2014

My grandma Lynn

 My grandma (my mom's mom) suddenly had some major loss of vision, the week before last.  She went to the eye doctor & he ordered an MRI.  It showed 12 lesions on her brain.  She then had a cat scan done, and it came back clear except for some fluid in her uterus, which they then did an ultrasound on.  She had an appointment with Dr. Bradford at Highlands Oncology on Thursday, and he said he was 99% sure it is brain cancer, already stage 4.   They're still trying to figure out where it originated, before they can start treatment.   She has an appointment to do a pet scan this Wednesday, and they called her back to do a biopsy from her uterus.  They think her vision will come back after she starts treatment, which will help a lot! 

Hard to believe that one of my closest family members is being attacked by the stupid C word. 

  Her brain is telling her not to eat, so she is extremely weak.  She lives by herself in Springdale (since by grandfather passed away in August 2008).  My mom and uncle Jon have been taking great care of her so far, and taking her to all of her appointments!  She is a super independent, stubborn person, so I know accepting help is very hard for her.   

Any prayers for her and my family, would be greatly appreciated.  

*UPDATE  4/18/14:  She had a pet scan on Wednesday. That night, she had an episode of dementia.  My mom had to go stay the night with her.   Her appointment with the oncologist was Thursday (17th) morning.  Dr. Bradford said the pet scan only showed a "hotspot" (the size of a golf ball) on the lymph node on the right side of her chest.  They still want to do a biopsy of it, and her uterus, but for now their main focus is her brain.  She was able to start taking her medication for inflammation, and is starting her first of 13 radiation treatments today.   Dr. Ivy's office (gynecologic oncologist) also called and they want to do a D and C.  They said by the look of her uterus on the scan, it's about to start bleeding.  Her uterus is most likely the primary site.  She's still very confused about where she lives and where my grandpa is.  
Her D & C was canceled since we weren't sure how she would handle the anesthesia.  

My granny & I at my wedding

At my baby shower for Bryn 

 At her 75th Birthday Party (September 9th 2013) at my Uncle Jon's.

Christmas 2013 with my Uncle Rob & Aunt Jill
And our group family picture on Christmas Eve:

Visting her on Sunday, April 13th

Easter at my parents

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