Friday, April 25, 2014

Easter 2014

Baskets from the Easter Bunny
 And the quality of these pictures is horrible b/c SOMEONE (hollyn) woke up at 6:15am!

 Mini egg hunt in the living room

Trying their new stuff out!

Quick Breakfast at Mimi's  (not wanting to take a picture)

 Egg Hunt in our front yard! 

 Then later Sunday afternoon, we went to my parents.
baskets from Granny & Pawpaw
Remington & Pawpaw
Granny & Hayley
 My grandma was able to come to my parents!  Group picture!

Sister in law, Marguerite & my nephew, Remington 
Granny Lynn & Marguerite
My mom & her mom 

my niece, Hayley!
 We had our yearly adult egg hunt - Each assigned a colored egg with $5 - and we have to look for it on around 4 acres!  Mine was in the end of a hay bale!
And the winner of the $20 golden egg was ME!!!!  (and it might have been in the dryer vent... that got stuck on my hand!)

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