Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Always something...

Bryn started coughing while we were in Kansas City for Spring Break.  She was coughing so bad on Friday night that she threw up.   It was a rough night in the hotel, constantly checking on her, worrying, moving her back and forth to our bed to her pack n play.   We drove home Saturday morning, and she felt really bad by the time we got home.  Her temperature got up to 103.8 later that afternoon.  
Her cough, runny nose and fever continued for the next few days,  along with no appetite and some diarrhea, so I made her a doctor's appointment on Tuesday.  Dr. Megan checked her out, and didn't see anything except for hearing congestion in her chest.  She checked her pulse ox, and it was fine.  She wrote a prescription for an albuterol inhaler, and said to continue to give her cough medicine, and zyrtec.  We were about to walk out and she was like... actually, I want her to have a chest X-ray, since she's been running a high fever for a few days.

I texted Chris and had him meet me at Willow Creek.  
They asked me if we each held one of her arms on either side of the x-ray machine, if she would hold still enough.  I told her definitely NOT! :)  So they put her in this contraption.  I put on the led vest, and Chris stood to the side (and took pictures).

X-rays came back clear, but they said to continue the inhaler and allergy medicine and to watch her closely.  Later this afternoon, her temperature went almost back down to normal, and she got her appetite back and ate everything!  She had a few bad coughing spells, and threw up twice tonight, but hoping to have my girl back to normal soon! 

Always new experiences with Bryn! 

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