Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentine's Week

Monday morning:  cuddles  + painting 

Tuesday: Chickfila date with my little one.

 Finished up Hollyn's Valentine bags to hand out at MDO & Tiny Tots!
 Writing her name on her Sophia the first Valentine cards!
 Wednesday morning, attempting to get a picture before MDO:

 Sweet cards they came home with:

Thursday: Bryn & I went to help out at her party.  They handed out cards in their mailboxes, decorated twinkies, then we went upstairs for games!

Bryn & Kinsey

being chased by Hudson!
 Noticed some work being done on our lot!!  (Still not starting to build until we sell our house, just getting some prelim drainage work done)
 Thursday night, Chris brought us girls home flowers, then we went on a family date - to Apple Blossom Brewery!

Friday morning: (Valentine's Day) 
I woke up before Chris left for work and we exchanged gifts.

Bryn feeding Clover :)
 Then we went upstairs to get ready for the ball...

Gifts for the girls/from the girls that Chris wrapped!

 Chris got home around noon.  Our anxious girls were able to unwrap their gifts:

HUGE card they made for Chris:

Cards from Papa Jeff and Meme Lisa:

 Special Delivery from Baba, Papa & Meghan!  Cookie Bouquet!

The doorbell rang Friday afternoon, and I ran to see a ProFlowers box at the door!  I was kind of confused because Chris had already brought home flowers the night before.  Chris knew he didn't send them, so I'm sure his blood pressure rose a little!!!  I opened them to find out they were lilies and tulips from Chris's brother, John!  "Happy Valentine's Day sister! Love, John"  So thoughtful of him!   He recently moved to Australia for a year to work on a project for Deloitte.  

The girls stayed the night at my parents, so we could go out on a hot date!  
Us girls before we left the house:
Granny & her babies:
 gift from granny and the cake they made for us!

Dinner at James at the Mill.  We got a table downstairs by the window and watched the sunset! Yummy food, as usual! 


Then went home to straighten up the house, since we were hosting a photo shoot for in the morning for FBCouture's runway ad for NWA Fashion Week.

My mom called and said that Bryn woke up at 4am throwing up… :( 

Saturday afternoon: 
(Apollo 13 was on TV) I looked over and saw this!!!  She said was getting ready to blast off in her space ship! :)

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