Thursday, February 6, 2014

Snow Week

It's snowed everyday for 5 days now.   Sunday, we went ahead and went to Joe & Monica's to watch the Super Bowl, even though it snowed like 6 inches.  School was canceled on Monday, but the sun was out, wind wasn't blowing and it was a perfect day to play outside! 
Monday morning snuggles
 Hollyn begged to play outside all morning, but I wasn't sure about bundling the girls up and taking them out by myself to play.  I promised her that after we put Bryn down for her nap, that we could go out…. but Bryn would NOT go to sleep!  Finally around 1:00, Bryn went to sleep and Hollyn & I went outside!!  It was gorgeous!

 We sled down the hill behind our house onto the golf course!

 Then built our first snowman behind our house!
 It was the perfect snowman snow!!!  We built another one in the side yard!

 Then we played "pirates" and did some swinging and sliding!

After Chris got home and Bryn woke up, we all went outside again!

 Then we all built a third HUGE snowman together!

Tuesday, it sleeted and was getting colder.  No school.
Wednesday, it snowed all morning.  No school.

Chris had planned on going to the Razorback football signing event at the Fayetteville Town Center on Wednesday night.  He called me Wednesday afternoon and said he had an extra ticket and wanted to know if I wanted to get out of the house and go with him!!  My brother in law and niece came over and watched the girls (thank you)!   It was a great event showing the new recruits to our program! 

Thursday, flurries & school was back in.  Main roads were clear, but the parking lot at the church WAS NOT.  I took Hollyn to school, and couldn't even get in the parking lot.  Started spinning out half way up the entrance, and slid down the hill onto the road.  Almost every other car I saw did the same thing.  So scary.  I was not a happy Momma.  

View from the playroom on Wednesday!

Hollyn's first time in the snow - January 2011

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