Thursday, February 6, 2014

Big Girl Bed!

Since Hollyn turns 4 on March 1st, we figured it was time to get her out of her toddler bed!  We ordered her a Jenny Lind style bed from Land of Nod, with a trundle! 

I got the call from the delivery company saying that Hollyn's big girl bed was going to be delivered the next day (Feb 7th).   I was kind of in shock because I didn't realize it would get here so soon.  I have ordered stuff from Land of Nod before, and it has taken much longer.  I didn't have a lot of time to prepare for my first baby leaving her very first bed.
Here is her last night:

The delivery company delivered and set it up!! 
Chris and his Dad stopped by while it was getting delivered, so Jeff could give Hollyn the comforter & sheets that they got her for her birthday!   I washed everything, then put it all on later that afternoon!  Hollyn was so proud!
Having a pretend slumber party!
Chris took down her crib that night and we rearranged her room!   

Here's Chris giving her kisses before her first night in her big girl bed:
She was so excited to go asleep, she didn't even want to read a book! 

Funny girls earlier that day:

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