Thursday, January 30, 2014

This week...

  Bryn fell asleep on the way to pick Hollyn up earlier this week.  I got her out of the car, and she slept on my shoulder while we went in to get H, stayed asleep the entire time and I was able to put her back in her carseat, pick up Chuy's for lunch, drive home, and transport her into her bed all without waking up!!!  Such a success for this Momma!  She was asleep for over 2 hours when I got her from her crib, and put her on the couch with me.  A little while later Hollyn says "Mommy, Why is Brynie sleeping sitting up?"  #growthspurt?

This taco salad with chicken and creamy jalapeño dressing from Chuy's is AMAZING.  
You should do your tastebuds a favor & try it, if you haven't yet! :)
We are getting Hollyn's room ready for her big girl bed, so we put the rocker/recliner in the playroom. Now my favorite spot to kick back and watch the girls play! :)
Super excited about her Jenny Lind bed we ordered for her birthday!

 Hollyn asked if she could drink coffee (hot chocolate) with Mommy one afternoon! :)
 Helping doing some crafts for her birthday party!
 Sweet B thinking she's funny sitting in Mommy's chair :)

When I picked the girls up from school on Wednesday, I asked Hollyn if there was anywhere she wanted to go.  She said no, I just want to go see LaDonna at your office.  They love visiting LaDonna & Kristen and getting smarties and "starfursts."   LD told Hollyn her hair was getting so long, and she said "yeah I know, I've been watching Rapunzel a lot!" 

Chris & Hollyn went to Cabela's Tuesday night and she got a paintable wooden birdhouse.  I picked up another birdhouse on Wednesday while at Walmart, and we painted them last night! ;)

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