Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Years Eve 2013

Happy New Year!!  

Baba, Papa, Meghan & John stayed with us Friday night to Tuesday morning to celebrate Christmas.  Chris took them to Mountain Home to meet his cousin Kristen & her husband Joseph, on Tuesday morning so they could take them the rest of the way back to Piggott to see the rest of Baba's family, before flying back to Florida on Friday.  
The girls were suppose to stay the night at my parents' house Tuesday night.  We were starting to pack their things up, and Hollyn decided she just wanted to stay the night at home with Mommy & Daddy.  Since we had called the Pinnacle Clubhouse earlier and found out that there were no reservations left, and we didn't really have any big plans anyways, we didn't mind that they stayed home.  

We started our night out with watching UP… and building Lego castles!

We still had a $90 balance to spend at the club before the end of the year, so called in an order for dinner and had it delivered to the house!  My sea bass & risotto was amazing!

 Hollyn loves her Pinnacle Nachos!

And…. I might have fell asleep super early on the couch, and Chris put the girls to bed, without any kind of celebration. :(   I woke up around 8:30 and we rented We're the Millers on Apple TV, then got in bed and watched the ball drop on the East coast before going to bed before midnight.  
Pathetic… but we are getting old! 

It was nice waking up on New Years Day well rested and feeling good!  
The girls celebrated the New Year with their orange juice in champagne glasses! 

I got an email from Dillard's saying all their markdowns were an additional 50% off, so we went there right at 10:00am.  There was so many people waiting outside the doors, but we decided to go for it anyways.  I found the dress the Gianni Bini dress that I had already tried on still on the rack, a nice Ralph Lauren robe, an Under Armour shirt for Bryn, and a pair of boots for Cambry! 

We then went to Target, and then to the new Dunkin' Donuts in Bentonville for a mid morning snack! Hollyn loved her donut with sprinkles, and I enjoyed my iced coffee!  
Bryn took her nap, and we continued to clean up our house from Christmas.  It was suppose to be our cleaning lady day, but she didn't come because of New Years Day… :(  The house is super dusty/sparkly from taking down Christmas decorations.  boo…  2 more weeks.  I did a little mopping and had a really cute little helper! 

I told Chris last night that my only resolutions this year were to sell our house, less Facebook/Instagram & to be healthier.  I've been thinking all day, and I have a few more:
  • Drink more water
  • Cook dinner more often/better meal planning
  • Find time to workout
  • Play with the girls more
  • Be a more carefree mom… don't sweat the small stuff
  • Not check my phone every dull second
  • Be happier… less stressed... less anxious
  • Worry less about keeping our house clean
  • Feel better - less headaches!  Hoping my new contact prescription will help.
  • More blogging/documenting the girls
  • Not take on more than I can handle

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