Monday, January 27, 2014

Farm Day

We hadn't been out to our "farm" in a while, so since it was going to be a little warmer, we went out Saturday for the day!  We woke up early, loaded up the car, stopped at Dunkin' Donuts for coffee and breakfast and were on our way!   

After doing some cleaning around the cabin, and Granny, Pawpaw, and Grandpa Jeff got there, we went up to one of our ponds.  While Pawpaw cut some trees down, we threw rocks across the frozen pond! 
It was still chilly, so we took my mom & the girls back to the cabin.  She watched the girls for a little while so Chris & I could go on a squirrel hunt!
 We went up to the top of our property saw this for the first time!
 Having almost 400 acres, it seems like every time we are out, I see something new!

 Walking back to our buggy, we saw 6 deer (for the 2nd time that day) running across this field.
Then as we were driving on one of the trails, Chris spotted a squirrel and stopped.  We got out Chris & his dad cornered it on a tree.  I was kind of hesitant, because I have never killed anything in my life! (One of them would have shot it, if I didn't) But I pulled the trigger, and shot it right in the heart.  I was kinda afraid to touch its' tail, but I wanted to get a picture.  I'm sure my Daddy was proud! 
On our way back we saw the deer for the 3rd time that day!  Travis, Tresa, Jon, Hayley & Hunter were there when we got back to the cabin!

A little while later the boys were shooting skeet.  (I shot a few times too!) Hollyn got very jealous that she wasn't asked to shoot too, so she had me take her in to get her gun!! :)

 Bryn inside standing on the window sill.
 My Mom, Travis, Hayley & Hollyn went up to see the frozen waterfall - my mom sent me these pictures:

Then Chris, Jon, Travis, my mom & I thought it would be fun to slide a tannerite shooting target out on the frozen pond, then shoot it!   I had fun recording it!

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