Monday, January 20, 2014

2014 so far.

I haven't posted about 2014 yet, because nothing exciting has really happened, but I will share a few random things.

We had a showing on our house on the 4th.  Our cleaning lady didn't come since her day fell on the 1st…. so we had to clean, clean, clean and finish taking down Christmas decorations!  The girls stayed overnight with my parents, so we could keep it clean Saturday morning.  We snuck out to have dinner at Ruth's since we were kid free.  
 The girls wore their Sophia the First PJs they got from Baba & Papa!

Cuddles on Monday Morning.  Snow day.
Rainbow face!
While B napped, Hollyn & I exercised.
Tuesday - Hollyn applied her makeup while I worked out.  Another snow day.  And I'm pretty sure the last time I worked out this month.
Bryn had croup this week.  Slept in our bed most nights, coughed a lot, and had a runny nose.  It was very dry this day from the heater running constantly, so B's nose was bloody.
Lots of sock buns.

And I cooked dinner every night this week!  (And pretty sure I had Chris stop by the store to pick up something extra on his way home every night too)   I made southwestern egg rolls with guacamole, lots of spinach/strawberry/pecan/poppyseed salads, chili one night, crockpot tortelli/spinach/sausage, crockpot chicken tacos...

Mommy got new glasses!
January 10th.  Parke Gibson's 1st birthday, so we blew bubbles for his birthday party in heaven.  Katie came over and hung out with us all day!  We picked up Taziki's for lunch!

Went to Cabela's & Bryn loved this highchair/lawnchair!
It was a little warmer this weekend, but windy.  Hollyn swung her golf clubs with her daddy, then shot her BB gun.  Bryn rode with Pawpaw on the 4-wheeler!

Dance finally started back on the 14th!  And the girls went to school this week!  Bryn seemed to be feeling better during the week.
Got my hair colored & cut on the 15th
Shopped for Hollyn's upcoming 4th birthday party!

Had a family bowling night!!!
Were lazy, and ate junk food :)

Then back to not feeling well this weekend.
Fell and hit her face on the tv cabinet at my parents' house on Sunday.  boo :( 

 black eye. silly girl.
 And then a little No-Shirt-Monday!

We spent a lot of free time this month working on our house plan, doing research on the exterior look, and making a few adjustments to the house plan.  We have a contract on a lot in Pinnacle that we will be building on (will be selling our lot in Shadow Valley) and will start building AFTER we sell our house (while we rent).  Here are a few exterior looks we like:  
We are having a hard time fitting the exterior with the interior look we want... 

We also watched a ton of movies this month, lots of cuddles, took care of sick babies, sleepless nights, nose wiping, and lots of Pinterest. 

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