Thursday, January 30, 2014

1st Field Trip

Today, Hollyn went on her FIRST ever field trip!  We visited Walmart's hanger at the Rogers Airport!  Ms. Misty told us at the beginning of the year if the parents were going to chaperone a trip, this would be the one to go on!  They have been studying forms of transportation all month, so we got to see a firetruck, many airplanes, and a train even went by when we were pulling in Carter Field! I rode with the kids on the Church bus, and Chris & Bryn followed us in our car!  

 We got to see their chartreuse fire truck with huge wheels!

 This guy sat down and answered all the kids' questions!
 Then they each got to look inside!!

 Then, we got to go in one of their small jets.  Walmart has 10 of these.

 Then we went in one of their big international jets!  (They have two of these) It seats 10/sleeps 7.
Mr. Campbell answering questions before we went up! 

 Ms. Misty's 3's!  

They had to bring an airplane, boat & train to school different days this month, and we didn't have ANY of the above at our house, which called for a late night trip to Target!!!

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