Thursday, December 5, 2013

Snow Day 1

Chris heard my alarm go off this morning & let me know school was canceled!  It was nice to lay in bed for a while without getting the girls up early!    It started sleeting around 9:30 and it was exciting to see it accumulating.

Hollyn wanted her picture with the sleet to send to Baba with it.  
Baba. Nick's Baba in Florida (she said)!  :)
I started looking through their closets to find snow clothes that fit them.  Bryn had like 5 different outfits that fit her 6-12 months to 2T,  that were hers and Hollyn's hand me downs!  Both girls had heavy North Face coats, but no bibs or pants for Hollyn. :(
I sent Chris to Lewis & Clark to see if they had anything in a 4T for Hollyn, but they weren't exactly what we were looking for and over $100!  Instead, I ordered this online & got 1 day shipping, guaranteeing it will be here tomorrow. 
We looked out the windows all day...

tried on our winter clothes…. 
and had many sled rides through the house!
 Bryn even pulled Hollyn!

 The sleet turned in to major snow around 4-5:00, and we decided to let the girls go out!

 They loved it!!!

 Snow Angel!

Bryn's hands got cold, so we had to go in and put them by the fireplace!!  Hollyn would have probably stayed out for a couple hours, but we made her come in!


Brandi said...

Fun!! Where did you order the snowsuit?

Morgan Chandler said...

@Brandi, I ordered the O'Neil Snowsuit from Amazon! It didn't snow up until Monday though, so they refunded me the $20 I spent on overnight shipping.