Thursday, November 21, 2013

Turkey Day Fun!

I love when the girls bring home projects from school!
Here's what Hollyn made yesterday at Mother's Day Out:
and the cutest turkey hat!!!
At Preschool today, Hollyn's class had their Pow Wow!  I came at the end and took pictures!  Here's her class with Ms. Misty!  They had their drums, vests, feather hats, bead necklaces and face paint! 
 I finally talked her into letting me take a few pictures at home!
 She wanted a picture with the "cracker!"
 My sweet turkey-head Pocahontas making faces into the mirror!
Making Indian sounds! 

Chris took Hollyn to see "Free Birds" on Saturday Night!  She was begging to go to the theater, and we didn't have a sitter for Bryn, so her & I spent the rest of the night at home! 

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