Saturday, November 16, 2013

Christmas Tree 2013

Thursday afternoon, we decided to go ahead and start getting the Christmas tree out.   I turned a movie on in the theater to keep the girls busy while we got everything out of storage and carried upstairs.  I don't think the girls have ever watched a movie down there (one of the reasons why our house is on the market), but they enjoyed it for a few minutes.  
Hollyn was so excited to see the Christmas tree bags out and did a little dance. 
We got the first two layers of the tree on, then forgot how to put the rest up!!!   I had Hollyn decorate her little pink tree herself to keep her busy! 
We had all the branches laid out in the entry and fluffed them individually before putting them on.  We finally remembered that the plugins were labeled! 

Finally, right before 8PM, we were finished!!!  We turned the lights in the house off and enjoyed the tree for a few minutes before putting the girls to bed! 

Friday night, we put the poly deco mesh on the tree.   And had a little helper that we couldn't get off the ladder! 

 After putting the girls to bed, we put the ribbon on the tree.
Saturday morning, we put on the ornaments (my favorite part).  8 HUGE tubs of ornaments.  Chris did the top.  He's way braver than I to stand at the top of the ladder with no hands!
It's so hard to get a good picture of it, unless it's dark!  

We also hung our stockings, put our garland on the cabinet under the TV, and put out our huge nutcracker!   Next, lights around the driveway!! 

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