Monday, November 25, 2013

B is 1.5

Happy half birthday to my sweet Brynie!!!

Chris picked up dinner from Fresh Market on his way home from work, and got my favorite - strawberry, cream cheese pastries for dessert!  We put a candle in Bryn's and sang happy half birthday to her!   I tried to get a couple pictures of her in front of the Christmas tree before she went down for her 3:00 nap, but she wasn't very interested!  Her little cheeks are dry & red, got a scratch by her eye & her head is still healing (from where it got glued).
Hollyn actually sat still and let me get a couple of her too! 

Bryn had her 18 month checkup on December 2nd
She weighed 23.4 pounds, and was 31.75 inches!  
It was really strange when we got there, because Bryn layed there very still on the table and let the nurse measure her, and again when she got weighed.  We think she was kind of traumatized from the last few times we've been in there lately when she had to get a catheter (twice) and her head glued!  :( 

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