Monday, November 11, 2013

1st Injury

Monday afternoon, Bryn tripped and hit her head right on the corner of their little wooden table.  I was in the kitchen and knew it sounded bad.  I ran immediately to her and it was gushing blood.  I took this picture to send to Chris because I wasn't sure how serious it was.  I put pressure on it and got it to stop bleeding.  I had Chris & his dad come to look at it.  Jeff didn't think it looked bad enough for staples.  We put a butterfly closure and a couple bandaids on it. 
 After talking to my mom, I made Bryn an appointment with our pediatrician later that afternoon to see if she was a candidate for glue!  Dr. A said it definitely needed it.
 Chris & I had to physically hold her down while the dermabond was put on and while it dried.  Bryn was not happy!  It was still bleeding, so the blood mixed with the glue made it look much worse than it was!

Love my accident prone little girl!  My first in the hospital, now first to have glue!

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