Thursday, November 14, 2013

1st Annual 29th Birthday

Yesterday morning, as soon as I woke up, I was surprised with gifts from Chris, Bryn & Hollyn.  They made me the sweetest 'hand'made card!   We all got ready, then took a quick picture before going to Chickfila for breakfast, then dropping the girls off at MDO!  

Chris & I went home for a couple hours.  I just wanted to lay in my warm bed and catch up on my recorded shows!  We then stopped by Chandler Equipment for a few minutes.  Got my birthday gift from Jeff  - a gift card to Masons!  Awesome, since that was our next stop and they were having a 20% sale!  We shopped there and at the mall, then went home.   Chris went & got us Green Bean for lunch, and we ate in bed while watching tv, then I dozed off.  He picked the girls up from school, and picked up a cookie cake!  Later, my parents came over & brought salad & pizza from Guidos.  Marguerite, Remington, Travis, Tresa, Jon, Hayley & Hunter also came over later.

The girl at Masons knew it was my birthday, so she wrapped my gifts!  Hollyn enjoyed helping me unwrap them!

We tried a million times to get a good picture in front of my cake like we did last year


Chris said that Hollyn designed my cake all by herself!

Blowing out my candles with my awesome helpers!

Flowers that Service Master delivered to the office for my birthday!

Office birthday lunch, and my yummy Great American Cookie!

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