Thursday, October 3, 2013

Italy/Paris Trip: Days 1-3

Chris, his dad, our sales manager & I just went on a 11 day business trip to Europe.  We visited our valve manufacturer, Metaltecnica, in Prato Sesia, (west of Milan) and our vacuum pump manufacturer, Jurop, in  Pordenone (NE of Venice).  Jeff, Chris's dad had been 3 other times, but it was the first time for Chris, Todd & I.  We had a layover in Paris anyways,  so we decided to spend an extra 2 days there at the end of our trip

Tuesday September 17th.  We got up at 4:00, were walking out the door when we found out our flight was majorly delayed.  We went ahead and went to the XNA and got a different flight, just stopping in Chicago instead of a straight flight, and landing two hours later. We flew into LaGuardia, then took a taxi to Times Square.  We ate at John's Pizzeria, then gave Jeff & Todd a quick walking tour on NYC, stopping in Central Park before taking a taxi to JFK.  
Our itinerary:


Our flight from JFK to Milan left at 7:15PM, since were on Central time, it was hard to fall asleep at first, but knowing that when we landed it would be 9:25am their time (2:25am Central), I tried my best to sleep.  Chris stayed up most of the time watching movies!

When we got to Milan, Piero, Marco & Lisa Zanolo were their waiting for us!  They drove us (in P's Mercedes CLS and M's BMW X5) to our hotel  - Hotel San Rocco in Orta San Guilio on Lake Orta.  Our rooms were ready, and we were able to shower & take a nap.  

They picked us up at 2:30 and they took us to their valve factory.  Around 5:30, they dropped us off at our hotel.  We had appetizers and drinks on the dock, then went for a walk in the village we were staying in.

Antipasta plate, drinks, my macchiato
Awesome view of this island on Lake Orta from our hotel

Our room.  (the lock was broken on our door, so we got moved to a much bigger room next door:)

They met us for a very nice dinner at our hotel around 8:00.  We had many glasses of very nice wine, I had the risotto olympica & sea bass!  Our dinner lasted over 3 hours, and I'm not sure how I stayed awake!

Thursday morning, we had continental breakfast at our hotel, then Marco picked us up at 10:30am.  He took us to his bank so we could exchange our US $ for Euros. (and I felt car sick b/c of the tiny curvy roads).  We went back to their office and had our meeting.  Marco & Lisa took us to lunch at Villa Paolotti that afternoon.  Our wine & pasta with mushrooms was amazing! 
chocolate croissants :)

We then went to Arona and walked along lake Maggiore, window shopped, and had some gelato! 

Castle up on the mountain.

A cute bakery that I stuck my head into:

They then took us up to the top of the mountain to a lookout point!

HUGE statue on the top of the mountain.

They dropped us off at our hotel and let us go for the night.  Chris & I facetimed the girls, then we all went looking for a restaurant.  We decided on Ristorante Leon D'oro.

Then we went back to our hotel, sat in the lounge & had cappuccinos! 

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