Thursday, October 3, 2013

Italy/Paris Trip: Days 7-8

Days 1-3 (New York, Orta San Guillo, Metaltecnica)
Days 4-6 (Leaving Orta, Venice for the weekend)

Day 7: We took a boat taxi to the train station area, so that Giulio could pick us up in his car and take us to Pordenone (NW of Venice)

We met their new sales manager & toured Jurop's tank facility.

Lunch at pizza place

PM: toured Jurop's pump factory 

Checked into Best Western Park Hotel in Pordenone - very green & modern hotel! 

8:00 G Picked us up for dinner.
Wow! Best meal of our entire trip!
Glass of prosecco outside while we waited for Mr. Santarossa.  Another glass of prosecco, followed by two other bottles of white wine!  3 or 4 courses, then dessert! Didn't get back to our hotel until around midnight!

Day 8: Tuesday
Checked out of hotel, long meeting with Jurop

1:30- lunch at Fossa Mala winery with the Jurop guys!


Shopping at a designer outlet mall on the way to our hotel
Bought a European flat iron bc mine didn't work the entire trip!

G took us to our hotel 

Courtyard Marriott by Venice Airport
Chris with his HUGE italian beer
7:00 - Dinner at the Da Mario restaurant in our hotel, that was unexpectantly really good!! Caprese, sea bass & chocolate gelato and wine, of course!!

Went to bed early, since we were flying to Paris early the next morning!

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