Sunday, September 29, 2013

Worst Day Ever.

So, Chris & I (along with his dad and our sales manager) just spent 11 days traveling in Europe, visiting two of our clients in Italy, and Paris.  We received news that Chris's grandpa had taken a turn for the worst and was transferred into Circle of of Life hospice two days before we were to arrive home.  We checked flights, but they didn't put us getting home very much sooner.  We kept in contact with family, hoping for the best and kept our original arrangements, flying out early Friday morning from Paris, and getting home at 5:40PM on the 27th.

Also, Chris's mom flew from Florida to watch the girls while we were on our trip (his step dad also came for the first week).  She told us on Monday that Bryn was running a fever, and she called the pediatrician and they wanted to have her come in.  I was thinking she was being over protective, but didn't guess it would hurt. Her temp was 102.7 at the clinic, but our doctor didn't see anything else wrong. She was diagnosed her with a virus and said it would run it's course in 2-3 days.   Bryn continued to have a high temperature the rest of the week, wasn't sleeping or eating.  My dad came over and helped with Bryn, so Nora could shower and pick Hollyn up from school.  Bryn's temperature got extremely high Wednesday and Nora made her another appointment for Thursday morning, after Hollyn was dropped off at preschool.  There was no explanation for her fever to be so high, so they wanted to run multiple tests.


My mom left work to help with Bryn at the doctor, and Nora went to pick up Hollyn.  They had to put a catheter in Bryn to get a urine sample, then did bloodwork.   They immediately found a bacterial infection in her urine.  My mom took her home and got a call saying they needed her back at the clinic to get a shot of rocephin (antibiotic), and they wanted her to come back on Friday at 2:30 for another.

Our flight left Paris at 8:20am, and were on the flight for around 8 hours when we landed in NYC at 10:00am.  When we touched down, I turned on my phone, pulled up Facebook and the first thing on my news feed was:
We didn't make it home in time.

He passed away around 5am on September 27th at the Circle of Life Hospice in Springdale (while we were on our flight from Paris to NYC).  Chris, Hollyn, Bryn & I had visited him before we left for our trip.  We felt okay knowing we didn't have to see him at his worst while in the hospice.  He was diagnosed with lung cancer last fall, had his left lung removed in December, and we were told it was a successful procedure.  He went back in for a scan this spring.  He was told that it had spread all over his body and he had 3-6 months to live. 

We had a very difficult time getting off the plane, having to tell Chris's dad, going through customs, making phone calls...
We took a taxi to LaGuardia and had to wait until our flight at 3:20PM (2:20 Central time).  I called and talked to my mom, and Chris's mom during our layover.  The last thing we knew was Nora was taking Bryn in for her 2nd shot at 2:30.  

My parents met us at the airport, and brought my car too.  The original plan was for us to get to the hospice ASAP.   Walking out of XNA, my mom is waving at me to hurry to get in the truck.  She says that she needs to tell me something.  Bryn was admitted to the hospital.  She has a bacterial infection in her blood. 

When Nora took Bryn to the clinic at 2:30, my dad met them there to help with the girls.  They were informed that they would also be seeing the doctor.  Dr. A explained that the blood work showed the bacteria from her urine was also in her blood, and that it was growing.  She left the room to call Arkansas Children's hospital and they suggested that Bryn get admitted and start IV antibiotics.  My dad took Hollyn - and it was about the time my mom got off work - we were still on our flight.  My sister met Nora at the hospital and they got her checked in.   They tried multiple times to get an IV in Bryn, but her vanes were rolling and they couldn't.  (now think she was dehydrated)

So it's 5:45. I've gotten devastating news for the 2nd time of the day, both immediately after getting off flights.  My body thinks it's almost 1am the next day.  I'm a huge mess of emotion.  My parents have Hollyn, and they take me directly to the hospital. Chris takes our car and takes Jeff home, then meets us at the hospital.  

We spent the next 3 nights at Northwest Physician's hospital in Springdale, and were finally released late Monday morning.  Our pediatrician said that the blood cultures showed the bacteria growing from Thursday to Friday.  Luckily the antibiotics started working quickly and the new blood draw on friday night was negative, and there was no bacteria growth for 48 hours.  

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Brandi said...

Oh my goodness, so sorry!!! Sending hungs and prayers your way!!