Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Hollyn turned 3 1/2 on Sunday.  And started Preschool TODAY! I can't believe my first born little baby is already starting school!  
Since we were sick this weekend, we had a lot of catching up to do last night.  Getting her backpack ready, making her back to school sign, making a scholastic book order, reading over her orientation sheet many times, and we skyped with granny & pawpaw! 
We had to wake Hollyn earlier than normal.  She wasn't in the best mood, and even mentioned not wanting to go to school.  She got over it, the girls got dressed, and we went downstairs for breakfast!

Daddy had strawberries cut up, and pancakes in the microwave (tore up with syrup).  I made some quick scrambled eggs.  Hollyn had her vitamins (two princesses and a teddy bear).

I straightened her crazy hair (from her bath right before bed), then we went outside for a couple pictures! 
We were in a total rush, but looked down to see we were 10 minutes early!  We let the girls watch their movie in the car, then got out for a few more pictures, before going in right at 8:00.

 Hollyn washed her hands, turned in her oops clothes & family picture, hung up her back pack and found her chair!  Ms. Libby giggled and said she didn't have to sit down and could go play!  We gave kisses and left our baby at preschool!
No tears from any of us! :)  

Bryn & I had our first morning alone in a long time!  It was great to have one on one time with her!  I let her do whatever she wanted!

After school pic with her friend Hudson!

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