Thursday, August 15, 2013

Outside Fun

Yesterday afternoon, The girls and I went out in the driveway to play!  The girls drove around the Mercedes together, then Hollyn rode her bike.  Instead of another vehicle to drive, Bryn chose her helmet and PUSH BROOM!  :)
Then Hollyn wanted to take her golf cart out for a spin and wanted to show me she knew how to play golf!

Chris got home a little while later, and we got our tennis rackets out and hit some balls back and forth in the driveway.  The girls, of course had to play too!

Later, Chris took the girls out to swing while I finished cleaning up after dinner.  The weather couldn't have been any better.  A perfect cool breeze!

 Hollyn can climb up the rock wall so fast!  Bryn loves to swing and giggles every time you push her!

Bryn showed us she could climb the ladder by herself!!  Kind of scary to watch, but we were very proud of her! Hollyn showed her how to go down the slide on her bottom.  (The first time, she tried to walk down it)

Annddddd Bryn laughing at big sister in my closet!

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