Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Our schedule, lately.

When Hollyn was younger, I did two blog posts about our daily schedule here and here.  She was around 15 months old at the time.  I was just reading over them, and wanted to do an updated one on our lives now!!!

Now - Hollyn 3 1/2, Bryn 14 months

7:00ish I wake up, make a cup of coffee...  Turn on GMA, check Bryn on the monitor and wait for her to wake up.  Grab my computer or phone and check emails, facebook, instagram, the news, catch up on new listings on the MLS.

When Bryn wakes up, I get her smiling little face out of her crib, and grab her clothes for the day and come downstairs.  I change her diaper and get her dressed then give her a cup of almond milk.  We enjoy an hour by ourselves, in the living room.  She usually wants to munch on some cheerios as well.

8-8:30  We go upstairs to wake up Hollyn.  Sometimes we read books, or Bryn hangs out with Hollyn in her bed.  Lately, Hollyn has wanted to go in her "dressing room" aka her closet to pick our her clothes in privacy and get dressed!  Depending on what time it is already, and how long Hollyn took to get dressed, I cut up strawberries for breakfast, followed by making scrambled eggs usually around 9:00.   Hollyn is my big helper and likes to hand me the eggs, put pepper in, and do some stirring.  We all 3 sit down together and have our eggs.  I always finish first and start cleaning up the kitchen.

 Sometimes we do a little activity or play together for a little while after breakfast.  The other day, we made homemade silly putty/gak/slime!
Usually Hollyn plays nicely by herself, and Bryn destroys something.  This is why we call her the "brynado!"

10:00 - Bryn goes down for her morning nap.  I just lay her down in her crib (she sleeps on her tummy) with her pacifier, pink little giraffe blanket, turn on her fan and angel care monitor, and she goes right to sleep!  She usually sleeps until 11:30-12:00.  
Sometimes... this is when I work out.  Hollyn loves to do "exercises" with Mommy.  Sometimes she plays in the playroom and comes back and forth to check in with me, but mostly she hangs out with me in the exercise room.  Usually 30 minutes, then I shower and get ready.  
But sometimes, I decide to clean my house as my workout.  Sometimes, I have one on one time with Hollyn.  Sometimes, I go ahead and shower at 10:00, do some laundry or unload the dishwasher.  Hollyn plays by herself or showers with me and we do our makeup "together".  Just depends. 

If we have a play date scheduled, it's usually right after Bryn wakes up.  

12:00 - We usually eat lunch at home.  

I usually try not to leave the house with the girls by myself.  The times that I do, I want to pull my hair out.  Hollyn is decent, until she wants something and I won't buy it for her.  Bryn doesn't like to ride in a stroller or cart.  If I'm carrying her, she will wiggle out of my arms or head butt and kick me until I am forced to put her down.  Wish I was kidding.  Sometimes I let the girls hold hands and walk.  They are good for the most part, but like to run off.  It's usually best to wait until Chris gets home if I need to go somewhere.  
This week, around 1:00, we got in my car and went and picked up lunch at chickfila and I got a coffee at Starbucks.  It was a nice little getaway!  haha

So 12:30-3:00  Cleaning up after the girls' food/drinks, getting snacks, many trips to the potty with Hollyn, constant picking up of the house, breaking up fights, giving kisses and hugs, comforting boo boos, etc. 
I am usually exhausted by this time of the day, ready for Bryn to take her nap, needing caffeine and ready for Chris to come home.  
3:00PM - Bryn takes her 2nd nap.  (usually until 4:30-5:00)

Chris gets home, always before 5.. usually between 3-4:45PM.  (He gets to work around 6am) We wait for Bryn to wake up from her nap, then go run errands if needed, or go shopping. 
5:30-6ish we eat dinner.  Sometimes I cook, if we have food on hand and it's planned ahead.  Sometimes we go to a restaurant, most of the time we order take out.   I'll go weeks where I cook almost every night, then weeks without cooking dinner. 

Our nights are filled with dance parties, going on walks, coloring, reading books, tea parties, playing dress up, etc. 

The girls have a strict bedtime of 8:00-8:15.  A little before, we all go upstairs and start baths, jammies, brushing teeth, reading books.  Both girls sleep in their own rooms, and sleep all night.  

We then get to enjoy the rest of the night (after we pick up the house and fold laundry).  

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