Monday, August 12, 2013

Grape Festival 2013

Wednesday night, we met Joe, Monica, Walker & Isabella for dinner at the Venesian Inn for dinner, before going to the Grape Festival.  Here are Walker & Hollyn holding hands, walking in.

Armbands are a crazy amount now - $25, so we just bought some tickets, which was more than plenty!  Last year,  Hollyn wasn't big enough to ride by herself, so we had to ride with her. 
Last year - 2012
This year, she had a little buddy to ride with:

We also ran into Hollyn's friend Emerie Edmisten!
All the Dad's took the kiddos down the big slide - of course it turned into a competition, and Chris doesn't like to lose.  
 Bryn was anxious to ride something, so we let her ride the train with Hollyn and Walker!!  I totally thought she would try to escape out the window, but she drove by waving at us!!

 After a few rides, we got Grape Ice Cream!!!
 Then a couple more rides...

We were totally craving Venesian Inn again Saturday night, so we got take-out, ate at my parents, then went back to the Grape Festival with my family.

 As kids, we always played the duck game.   Hollyn chose 3 ducks and won a PINK SHARK!!!

Bryn stayed in her stroller the entire time and was SO good!  Her nap in the car/at my parents' house probably helped!!  
Hollyn begged to ride the bumble bee, but the ticket line was extremely long.   We hung out for a while, bought some grapes - that were delicious and Bryn LOVED.  We ran into some friends that were leaving and had 4 tickets they weren't going to use - just the right amount to her & I to ride the bumble bee ride!!  We waited in line for like 30 minutes, but it was actually a really fun ride! 

We stayed until after 10, and the girls were exhausted!  Hollyn fell asleep immediately, but Bryn stayed awake until we got home!

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