Monday, July 29, 2013

1st Drive In Movie!

Chris took Hollyn to the theater to see Despicable Me 2, the Friday after July 4th.  It was their first movie together and they had so much fun!  I took her to see Cinderella last September for her very first theater movie - see post HERE.
I requested a picture once they got in the theater! :)
 We bought the first Despicable Me on iTunes right before they went, and we have continued to watch it repeatedly.  

We had the best weather this past weekend. DM2 was playing at the drive in in Fayetteville, so we decided to take the girls, so Bryn & I could also see it!  Bryn's first movie!!!  We told the girls late Saturday afternoon and Hollyn was so excited, and wouldn't stop asking when we were leaving.   We loaded the back of my car with pillows and blankets, and let the girls test it out before we left.  Hollyn threw a fit because she thought it meant she got to ride back there to the movies and not sit in her car seat!  Wrong.  We stopped at Kum N Go on our way and picked out candy for everyone!  We pulled up around 8:00 and this is what we saw:

We thought we weren't going to get in because it looked packed and we were pretty far back in line.  We ended up paying and parking right at 8:30 when it was starting.  We had to park on the far left side, but still had a pretty good view. 
It was great for most of the time.  Cool air, comfy seats, cuddling with my sweet family.  (but also a little annoying - people letting their kids get on top of their van, totally in our view, people coming in late with their lights on...)

Bryn was good as long as she was eating puffs.  She got kind of restless at the end and did some crying - until she got ahold of Chris's ice from this fountain drink.  We let her eat the small ice.  Whatever makes them happy (and quiet). 

Hollyn immediately fell asleep once the movie was over and she got in her car seat.

Bryn kicked and screamed and didn't want to get in her car seat and cried most of the way home.
Love fun first family experiences like this!!! 

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