Thursday, June 27, 2013

Potty Trained!

It's finally happened - Hollyn is potty trained!!  
So, we totally missed all the times that Hollyn could have been potty trained before now.  We moved when she was 18 months and right after she turned 2, Bryn was born.  She has gone on the potty occasionally since being 18 months old.  One time we she was going pretty consistently, but then fell off her stool when getting off the potty and scraped her back on her stool, and refused to go for a long time after that.  We asked our pediatrician about it when we took her in for her 3 year checkup, and she suggested that we didn't mention it to her for a month.  Maybe she was feeling pressured.  We had been telling her that we needed her to be potty trained before the fall when she starts preschool.  After our break, when asked if she needed to use the potty, she would say "No, I'm fine - I love my diapers.":)  We were told by so many people not to worry, that she would do it when she was ready!  We took their advice, and didn't try the potty training boot camp or anything!  

Here lately, she has asked to go after swimming! 
One afternoon, I let her hang out on her little potty while watching a movie and having a snack!! haha

Then, last Monday after she woke up, I was changing her diaper and she asked to put on panties!  We went downstairs and a little while later, she asked to use the potty - and went!!!!  She continued all day with out any accidents - and even went poop in the potty for the first time EVER! 

I immediately made this chart for her to put stickers on after every time she went - and gave her 3 skittles!  She got excited every time to put a sticker on and get her treat! 

(Bryn couldn't resist getting into her little potty and unraveling the roll of toilet paper!!!)

So here we are almost 2 weeks later - and she's fully potty trained, and is only using our BIG potties!  (Sleeping in pull ups)

We had forgot we bought a Barbie blackberry phone a long time ago as a prize to give her for pooping in the potty.  It sat on the counter as a reminder for the longest time, but we eventually just put it in the bathroom drawer.  A couple days ago, she said she needed to go, so I went in there with her. As soon as she "went," she said I need my Barbie phone now!!!!  So funny - we had completely forgot, but she did not, obviously!

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