Thursday, June 6, 2013

Matilda Jane Modeling

Okay,  I've done a lot of posts on Bryn lately, so here's one mostly about Hollyn!  

I hosted a Matilda Jane trunk show at our house the week before Bryn's birthday.  The clothes were so incredibly adorable!  I couldn't decide what all I wanted to order for the girls that night, so the trunk keeper let me keep them overnight.  Hollyn helped me narrow it down by modeling a few and we figured out what sizes we needed the next morning!   I got my camera out while Hollyn tried them on and took a few pictures because she was in a great mood, and Bryn was napping!   Hollyn has such a personality and can be really funny/silly at times!  Check out some of these faces!  She makes me laugh!

I love this dress - wish I would have ordered it!  Notice the Hello Kitty Tattoo she has on her arm.  She asked me to put it on her, but wanted it off within 5 minutes!  

 She wanted a picture by the bush outside for this dress!  I loved it - but she ended up not liking it.

Bryn tried on this dress that I LOVE!  This 2T was too big for her, and we ended up getting a 4T for Hollyn. (So Bryn will get to wear it one of the next couple summers!)

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