Friday, June 7, 2013

Mama love + Wed. Night

Wednesday night, Bryn fell asleep in the car after going to dinner at the Shadow Valley clubhouse (for the first time), checking out our lot (that will be cleared soon), and taking a walk down by Osage Creek!  Chris carried her in and put her on the couch.  She was laying like this!!  Hollyn thought it was funny and was checking her out.  As soon as Bryn saw me, she wanted me to hold her.  It was so sweet and I asked Chris to take a picture (or two)! 
Here's our lot!  It's very wooded right now, but after we push some trees & dirt, it will be nice!!  It's .73 acres, and on the corner, on a short cul-de-sac road!

Here's Osage creek, right down the street from our house!  They are currently putting in a parking lot, so you can drive down here & park to fish, play on the playground, play basketball or beach volleyball. There's also a pergola with picnic table! 

I think we will love this area!  We also loved our dinner at the clubhouse!  I ordered the tilapia with sides of asparagus & mushroom risotto!  It was fabulous!!!  I have a feeling that we will be eating there a lot! 
The girls were super good in there too!  A lot less formal than pinnacle - and more kids, which we love!

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