Monday, June 3, 2013

Dominican Republic Trip

Chris & I decided we would be ready for a trip by ourselves after Bryn turned one!  At the beginning of the year, we started researching resorts.   Nora agreed to watch the girls while we went, so it was a perfect time for her to continue to stay here the week after Bryn's party and watch them at our house!  It was also the week before our 7th anniversary, so we were able to celebrate it too! The resort we booked was called Sanctuary Cap Cana in the Dominican Republic!  

Monday morning, we flew out of XNA at 7:30.  We decided while checking our bags that we wanted to upgrade to first class!  We flew to Charlotte, then to Punta Cana.  We had a delicious meal and I watched Safe Haven on my iPad! 

We originally booked the Honeymoon suite with private pool.  When we checked in at the resort, they said they were putting us in a different room - but it still had a private pool and we would like it.  We were kind of unsure, but decided to check it out.   It ended up being a two story imperial suite with 2 bathrooms, and and upper balcony!   Even better! 

upper balcony

Dinner our first night

We enjoyed sitting by the pool and reading books during the day!

Lunch at Blue Marlin

We decided to go play golf at a local course - designed by Jack Nicholaus on Tuesday afternoon!  Chris had a caddy, and I watched and drove the cart!  It was so incredible!  

Wednesday morning

view from breakfast everyday

Breakfast Thursday morning

then we went for a long walk and worked out.

Chris played some beach volleyball

Lunch on Thursday

 Dinner the last night at Wok

Friday morning - last meal

 Hanging out watching tv, waiting to check out.

Walking to our airplane

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