Sunday, June 2, 2013

Bryn's 1st Birthday Party


Bryn's first birthday was on Saturday, May 25th!  We had her birthday on that day at our house!  We had Chris's family come in town from Florida, East Chicago and Piggott! We kept the party small, mostly family!  Tara Roach let me borrow her huge birthday cake sign and I added a ONE for our yard!  Chris & I painted Chris's old wooden high chair for her!

Bryn's invite that I took photos for, designed and printed myself :)
Monthly picture banner

After putting her to bed Friday night, we taped streamers and ballons to her door!  She was surprised when we got her from her bed Saturday morning! :)

 Decorations for her party:

She couldn't wait to get her hands on her cake while we were singing to her!


She LOVED and ate most of her cake!

 We had a jealous big sister.  Poor Hollyn!

She made a total mess!  She kept putting her head down and eating directly from her tray!
 After a quick bath, Bryn opened her gifts!

 Pictures with family afterwards - Everyone..
and Bryn with most of her grandparents!

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