Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Bryn is 1

Bryn is ONE!!!
Date:  May 25, 2013

Age: 1 year old

Weight: 19 pounds, 3 ounces (17th percentile

Length:  28 inches (14th percentile)

Head: 18 inches (66th percentile)

Clothes: She wears 12-18m clothes.  Size 3 shoe.  Size 3 diaper

Schedule: Wake at 7:00. Eat. Play. Nap at 10-12. Eat. Play. Nap 3-5. Eat. Play. Bed at 8.   A great napper!  

Menu: She still loves food!  Is eating mostly everything we are, along with food pouches and happy family puffs, rice cakes, etc.!  Ordered a huge shipment online right before her birthday! She is drinking goats milk/carrot juice/water three times a day (8oz) and starting her on almond milk.  Just asked MDO to add her to the regular lunch menu! 


Temperament/Personality: She's still very mischievous!  Has the sweetest toothy smile! 

Likes: Turning music on the iPads and dancing, holding hands and walking around the house with Hollyn.  Going up stairs!  Running and hiding from us when we are out.... and occasionally throwing fits :)

Dislikes: That we had to block off both staircases!  Riding in the stroller... and sometimes the carseat.

Happenings: She's full time walking, even running!  Always on the go!  Smiles and waves at all strangers when we are out - and loves the attention!  Has been doing this for a while - but she gets in the cabinet where we keep her diapers and wipes and will bring us a diaper when she has pooped!! 

Outings: Loves to go - but not to get back in her car seat! 

Dr. Report:  Has got four more teeth this month.  Got a clear note for the doctor on her ear infection a few weeks ago, and did really well for a couple weeks, but is now acting like she has another, with dark drainage.  We have an ENT appt on June 11.   Have been putting trace mineral drops in her ears, and giving her chewable vitamin C.  

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