Friday, June 7, 2013

Barbie is Moving Tour

Today, we went to the Barbie is Moving event with Stacey & Anniston, Niki & Paige, and Brandi & Sadie in the parking lot in front of Target

Anniston & Hollyn with Barbie:

They got cute Barbie bags, sets of Barbie Mega Bloks, designed Barbie dresses and got their faces painted!
I loved these pink poodles! 
Bryn didn't take her 10:00 nap... after trying to put her down for a while, I decided I would be brave and just go to the event and let her nap in her stroller.  When we got there, the guy said I couldn't take the stroller in.... so she was A TERROR!!! Running away from me, going up every step she could!  And I somehow hurt my left knee/thigh working out on Wednesday, so it hurt so bad to walk/limp around chasing her! :(

  After the other activities, we got in line for the runway inside.  I ended up just putting B in the stroller while we waited, and let Hollyn go in with Stacey & Niki. 

They were sweet and took pictures of Hollyn for me!
The group! 
Here's B passed out right before we were leaving!  I was able to do a successful transfer into the car, and then again into her stroller when we got to lunch. 

While waiting for our table at Mimi's - Jamie Lee Curtis walked out!!!  All kinds of celebrities were in town for Walmart Shareholder's week!!!  The girls had fun playing with their Barbie Mega Bloks while waiting for our food!  Here's my yummy turkey pesto ciabatta sandwich. 

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