Friday, May 3, 2013

The year it snowed in May!

We've had a crazy week! It was in the 80's at the beginning of the week! We swam and played outside Tuesday & Wednesday. Now on Friday there's snow on the ground!!!

Here we are Tuesday afternoon in the hot tub!  Bryn's first time to really "swim!"

Then we played in the driveway and the girls picked flowers!

Wednesday afternoon - while the girls were at MDO, I got to spend sometime with my book in the sun!

Chris picked the girls up for me, and then we heated the hot tub and all got in for a while!

I got sunburnt.... :(

Then went shopping at the Promenade and had a Great American cookie for dessert!

Thursday it started getting colder, and started to drizzle and rain that night.

Friday - we woke up to at least an inch of snow!  May 3, 2013!

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